Make Gifting Seamless by Removing Obstacles Between Generous Thought and Generous Action

Leading retailers can sell products without requiring size/color, ship without an address and enable buying past shipping cutoff, while reducing or eliminating returns.

Corporate gifters can choose from a wonderfully broad range of gifts for every individual and occasion.

Loop Commerce helps leading brands increase revenues for digital products and gift cards.

  • Increase Incremental Sales

    Capture last-minute gifting occasions (both seasonal and evergreen) by selling gifts after the shipping window closes.

  • Improve Customer Acquisition

    Convert and acquire visitors who may otherwise abandon and acquire new recipients.

  • Reduce Cost and Increase Margins

    Returns and exchanges occur virtually before product ships, resulting in substantial reductions to the cost of operational infrastructure.

How it works

  • 1. Surprise!

    Recipient digitally receives their thoughtful gift with a personalized message.

  • 2. Accept or Exchange

    They open the gift online, and easily accept, customize, or exchange before it ships.

  • 3. Gift Arrives

    The gift ships to the address recipient provides. They can send a thank-you note!

Loop Commerce

Your one-stop-shop for digital gifting solutions

Loop Commerce enables new business and sales through unique gifting experiences with clients, partners, colleagues, and consumers — for holidays and year-round occasions.

  • Personal and Business Gifts
  • Digital Gift Cards
  • Corporate Gifting

Digital Gift Cards.

Loop is your one-stop-shop for digital gifting solutions. In one integration, leverage our superior gifting experience to cater to gift card customers.

  • Consolidate all your digital gifting.
  • Modern and elegant gift experience.
  • Infinite customization and design options.

Corporate Gifting

GiftNow provides a powerful, digital solution that does the legwork for the gifter and delights the recipient. It brings a wealth of new gifting options, providing scalability for corporate gifters.

With GiftNow, gain access to name-brand merchandise from apparel and big box retailers. Learn more about how to:

  • Many gift options

    Experience a broader variety of gift options.

  • No more stocking

    Eliminate stocking gift inventory or shipping - merchants stock and ship inventory.

  • Concierge service

    Utilize our concierge service for sales, marketing and events, HR and customer service needs.

Interested in learning more?

As our solution demonstration requires zero integration, we’re able to demo how GiftNow would look on your site.

We can help retailers understand their GiftIQ regarding how their gifting capabilities compare to others in the industry.

Contact us to experience gifting from your own brand.

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