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  • Spiceology, Inc. announces partnerships with Pixlee and Loop Commerce on a “Coworkers Connecting Through Cooking” initiative for employers looking for innovative ways to deepen employee connections. The initiative pulls employees together, virtually, around cooking at home, and includes guided access to live-streamed cooking classes. Employees select a variety of Spiceology’s innovative spice blends using GiftNow®, the Gift Experience Management solution.  Read more

  • The Evolving Gifting Economy – This CommerceNext webinar discusses the gift shopping experience and journeys in the current environment, the gifting economy, learnings from Mother’s Day and implications and opportunities for merchants. Watch the replay.  Read more

  • The act of celebrating traditions and events today has reached new levels of creativity, importance and compassion that is bringing out the best in each of us.  Read more

  • Top-five strategies for avoiding an avalanche of post-holiday returns.  Read more

  • Amazon bans 3rd-party sellers from use of FedEx ground for Prime.  Read more

  • Procrastinate much? Target says you can drive up, drop by and get delivery on Christmas EveTarget wants to help wrap up holiday shopping.  Read more

  • Target wants to help wrap up holiday shopping.  Read more

  • Gift ideas for holiday procrastinators.  Read more

  • Clinton Kelly debuts GiftNow for all holiday gifting needs.  Read more

  • Taking the risk out of last minute gifts.  Read more

  • Retailers implement Loop to appeal to consumers and capture previously abandoned gift purchases.  Read more

  • GiftNow eliminates stress and returns from holiday shopping.  Read more

  • 12/30/2016

    Luxury brands grab online holiday shoppers through digital disruptors.  Read more

  • 12/30/2016

    ConsumerWatch: Retailers offer customizable gift cards via e-mail.  Read more

  • 12/30/2016

    Still need to buy gifts? Here are some last-minute options  Read more

  • 12/30/2016

    A procrastinator’s guide to last-minute holiday shopping.  Read more

  • 12/30/2016

    How to overcome shopper hesitations.  Read more

  • 12/29/2016

    Loop commerce makes e-gifting 24/7/365.  Read more

  • 11/29/2016

    Retail technology promises to get her the perfect gift every time.  Read more

  • 07/20/2016

    Looping in shoppers with an elevated gifting experience.  Read more

  • 02/12/2016

    Less love expected when it comes to spending this valentine’s day, yet easier gift ideas. Here’s why.  Read more

  • 02/12/2016

    10 online retail perks that encourage e-gifting.  Read more

  • 01/14/2016

    8 retail technologies to watch in 2016.  Read more

  • 12/25/2015

    Why Christmas day sales could become a reality.  Read more

  • 12/22/2015

    The missed opportunity of the 12 days of Christmas e-gifting.  Read more

  • 11/04/2015

    Macy’s toasts the holidays with marvelous gifts sure to surprise and delight loved ones.  Read more

  • 10/13/2015

    How to overcome shopper hesitations to buying gifts online.  Read more

  • 10/08/2015

    Tips for capturing more gift sales this holiday season.  Read more

  • 10/07/2015

    How to prep your ecommerce store for holiday shoppers.  Read more

  • 09/30/2015

    Tips to capture last-minute gift shoppers.  Read more

  • 09/30/2015

    4 tips for growing your retail gifting strategy.  Read more

  • 09/01/2015

    Holiday ecommerce preview 2015.  Read more

  • 08/24/2015

    In the Loop on gifting – how to convert shoppers into buyers.  Read more

  • 04/28/2015

    Loop Commerce Makes Gifts More Personal  Read more

  • 04/28/2015

    Loop Commerce Raises $16 Million For Its “E-Gifting” Checkout Service For Online Retailers  Read more

  • 01/12/2014

    Forbes Names Loop Commerce Among 12 Companies Moving Global Commerce Forward  Read more

  • 12/20/2013

    The Gift-Giving Mistake Not to Make  Read more

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