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Gift Commerce Platform

Loop Commerce offers a comprehensive end-to-end Gift Commerce platform built to fit the complicated needs, infrastructure, and processes of enterprise companies. Our platform has been developed over several years with significant investment in R&D and is currently powering the gifting strategy of many billion-dollar retailers. Our GiftIQ capability provides key data insights to optimize the gifting experience and drive results.

Our GiftNow platform offers a unique digital gifting platform with the depth and sophistication to handle the complexities required to sell, process, deliver, and redeem gifts. 98% of GiftNow customers surveyed are extremely or very satisfied with GiftNow.

  • Rapid Time to Market

    Our track record proves our experience of bringing multi-billion dollar retailers live, typically within four to six weeks. Minimal resources are required on the retailer side.

  • Zero Integration

    We require no changes to your website, OMS, payments, accounting, or inventory systems or processes. No APIs are required to integrate, but they can be leveraged if available. The retailer only needs to add a small amount of JavaScript to their website.

  • Secure

    Our platform includes industry standard security features such as two-factor authentication, role-based access control, encrypted PII data, and PCI Level 1 compliance to protect you and your customers.

  • Adaptive

    We provide a comprehensive solution, with performance metrics, A/B testing capabilities, reporting, and funnel analysis capabilities.

  • Fast & Powerful

    We built our platform for speed, delivering excellent performance with extensive use of CDNs and edge caching.

  • Monitoring & Reporting

    We provide monitoring and reporting for service availability and performance insights.

  • Always-On

    Our cloud-based architecture provides immense scalability and reliability, even during peak periods.

  • End-to-end

    Our innovative team is constantly adding new features and capabilities to provide an end-to-end gifting solution for retail and business partners.

Leveraging the Loop platform, GiftNow combines the emotion and thoughtfulness of a chosen gift, the flexibility of a gift card, and the convenience of online shopping. The unique GiftNow digital gifting experience, customized to match the retailer’s brand, eliminates the hurdles in the gift-shopper’s path to conversion.
  • Shopping

    • Our user experience is tailored for gift givers shopping for others.
    • GiftNow can be activated for any product in a retailer’s inventory.
    • We provide a fully skinnable UI to visually match your brand aesthetic.
    • Shoppers can send gifts without knowing size, color, or shipping address, subject to availability.
    • Gift givers can easily customize and preview the recipient’s experience.
    • The gift giver can select a gift and customize it for size and color or allow the recipient to customize it.
  • Checkout

    • Sales tax and shipping charges are sophisticatedly estimated without knowing the recipient’s shipping address.
    • Funnel optimization help ensures high conversion rates.
    • Loop can provide complete support for price and inventory changes (between time of purchase and redemption).
  • Delivery

    • Gifts are delivered digitally within minutes (or at a future date scheduled by the gift giver).
    • Their gift arrives virtually and is “unwrapped” before their eyes with one click and includes a personalized note and custom greeting from the sender.
    • Pricing details are hidden from the recipient to enrich the user experience.
  • Redemption

    • Recipients can select the right color and size of their gift before redeeming, subject to availability.
    • Or, they can virtually exchange the gift for a different product or digital gift card before it ships.
    • The gift can be redeemed natively with GiftNow, without adding to a cart or using the retailer's checkout.
    • Recipients can enter their delivery address and they can send a custom thank-you note to the sender.

Featured Capabilities

  • Fraud Prevention

    Leverage Loop’s complete end-to-end fraud prevention capabilities to maximize sales while optimizing the customer experience. We handle all risk management components related to our digital gifting service.
  • Data & Insights

    We can provide actionable insights and recommendations based on customer behavior observed on your website and across our network. We have the ability to continuously build and analyze a rich behavioral data set that is used in aggregate as a tool to help your brand drive continuous improvement.
  • Customer Support

    Customer support is available to both consumers and retailers.
  • Marketing & Services

    We offer tailored marketing plans and best practices, based on our experience marketing to gift givers and recipients.

Why Loop Commerce®?

  • Implemented and used today by leading retailers and brands, our digital gifting platform is a unique solution that combines the benefits of product-based digital gifting with the expectations consumers have when shopping for traditional gifts.

    Loop Commerce, a Synchrony solution, combines extensive retail industry experience with a comprehensive end-to-end gifting platform that was factor-made to fit the complicated needs, infrastructure, and processes of large enterprise retailers.

    Our zero integration implementation typically takes place in four to six weeks.

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